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NETworker of the Year: 2021

Christina Brooks has been an instrumental member of The NETwork DFW chapter since Jan 2021 and continues to add value through her commitment in the Program Planning committee under Marlissa Collier. Since leaning in, she’s brought immediate impact with thinking through how we expand our Financial Literacy series as well as how to do expand our virtual eSTEAM program within our less fortunate students. She has taken an indirect leadership role in a few our staple events including Juneteenth which helped us to see how she moves the business forward. Her consistency is what helped us to vote her in as the 2022 Incoming Chief Financial Officer because she constantly demonstrates a strong work ethic. Christina has a “I can help with that” mentality with the drive to see things through to the end while having the foresight to drive more engagement in the chapter.

Christina is stepping in to lead our 2022 Minority Case competition for collegiate students with the goals to: 1) Provide adequate resources and funding to ensure for educational needs for minority college students, 2) Address critical needs across the business with access to multiple recommendations, 3) Focus on continuous skills development, network expansion and recruitment pipeline and 4) Provide access to coaching from leaders across multiple business units and functions for balanced perspectives. Christina will be a one of the content curators of our NETtalk Series – a small 1x1 series that emulates TEDtalk tackling minority issues in the DFW community. The DFW chapter is honored to have the talent and commitment

from Ms. Christina Evans. She has made a major impact in the time that she has joined our chapter.

Events: eSTEAM with Family Getaway, Juneteenth Scholarship and Community Celebration, Financial Literacy Series

Thank you for sharing your gifts in such an impactful way!


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