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The Lewis Latimer Scholarship is The NETwork’s National Scholarship and it was created to assist African American high school students pursing their education in the STEM field or the Arts to enhance their educational development.

The scholarship is offered to students ranging from high school seniors to undergraduate juniors, with the expressed intent to major in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).

Awarding scholarships in recognition of Academic and civic achievement during high school years to assist in their higher education, so that these students will be in a better position to contribute positively to the African American Community.

Students will be asked to submit a list of additional requirements to complete their application and apply. The scholarship is awarded once per year for the fall college semester.

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Mr. Latimer was the son of self-liberated individuals who had settled in Chelsea, Massachusetts. After serving in the U.S. Navy during the Civil War, Latimer got a job as an office boy in a patent office. Because of his ability to draw, he became a draftsman, eventually getting promoted to be the head draftsman. Although he has a large number of inventions to his name, including a safety elevator, perhaps his greatest achievement is his work on the electric light bulb.


We can thank him for the success of Edison’s light bulb, which originally had a lifespan of just a few days. It was Latimer who found a way to create a filament system that prevented the carbon in the filament from breaking, thereby extending the life of the light bulb. Thanks to Latimer, light bulbs became cheaper and more efficient, which made it possible for them to be installed in homes and on the streets. Latimer was the only Black American on Edison’s elite team of inventors.

Want to learn more about Lewis Latimer?

Check out "A New York City Museum Shines a Spotlight on Inventor Lewis Latimer's Legacy"

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