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NETworker of the Month: February 2024

Natasha Austin

The "Virtual - Jacksonville, FL" hosted a Black History month Soul Food Fundraiser which was extremely successful thanks to Natasha Austin stepping up and taking on the challenge to assist with the cooking all the meats along with collard-greens to serve 70+ people. Her time, effort and financial contributions are greatly appreciated. She is always willing to provide a helping hand and fill in the gaps. Natasha's partnership helped to make this event a success.

In addition to Natasha’s volunteering efforts during Black History Month, she is… Team Mom where she is selfless and is an Inspiration to young people. She enjoys volunteering her time and money for ex: providing items team needs, identifying gaps and willing to fill them in to ensure no child is left behind. She is proactive and steps up to have the hard conversations with parents, caregivers and coaches to improve the leadership in our community.

A Mentoring/ Inspiration to All! Tasha sets the perfect example on what it means to put others first. She is constantly pouring positivity into others. She Leads by example. She ensures to participate in all The Networks events taking on a larger role. Also serves on The NETwork fundraising committee. She has consistently been willing to assist during her 21 years of tenure with company.

CONGRATULATIONS Natasha for this well deserved honor!

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