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Member Spotlight: August 2023

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Nikeya Taylor

Nikeya Taylor is the current President of the Jacksonville Virtual Chapter. She took on the HARD job, Jan 2023 as the Chapter President with no board and inactive members. She is the definition of a servant leader and often defers her applause for job well done to the team. She deserves her shining moment. Jacksonville has been built from ground level and this is no easy task. We are only as good as our leadership and because of our LEAD, Nikeya, Jacksonville continues to evolve. Not only does Nikeya lead our chapter, she leads by example. There isn't a director or member that serves or gives more than she does. I am thankful for her heart, dedication, passion, hard work and vision for the NETwork Jacksonville, and I am excited to see our chapter continue to evolve.

Submitted by Teri Stewart

Jacksonville, FL - Virtual


Shekeliah Renee Parker

Shekeliah Renee Parker "affectionately known as Renee" is the 2023 Financial Lead for the NETwork -Jacksonville Virtual Chapter.

Joining the Board in 2023, Renee understood the assignment as if she has been in the role for years. She works diligently with our Director, Frangela, to ensure our chapter remains in compliance at every turn. Records, Reports and Financial matters are all ways in alignment. Her follow up and seeing things through is unmatched.

Renee has made it a personal mission to work towards the vision and goals for our Chapter. Jacksonville continues to thrive with passionate Board members like, Renee. Her efforts are worthy of recognition beyond our Chapter.

Submitted by Teri Stewart

Jacksonville, FL - Virtual


Tracy Epps

Tracy Epps stands out as a leader in the Nation's Capital Chapter and led out 2023 Juneteenth celebration. Epps rallied and coordinated NETwork Nation’s Capital Chapter volunteers (and community friends) for the two-day festival, for which they served as ushers, greeters, and registration support. Epps also led a digital media campaign to help market the festival. From March-June, she donated over 50 volunteer hours designing custom ads, videos, and social media posts; managing some of the FILMteenth social media channels; and distributed festival e-blasts and correspondence to local organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Submitted by Eric Jones

Nation’s Capital


Ambra Bourne-Dumas

Ambra Bourne-Dumas joined the NETwork a couple years ago and serves as our secretary. She shows up and shows out consistently bringing positive energy and the will to put in work. I've always wanted to recognize her, so thanks for opening up this platform for e-board members as well.

During Black History Month, the Austin chapter planned weekly events for our members. Ambra, who has worked on many initiatives, was responsible for planning our itinerary for the Whitney Plantation Museum, which is the only museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people.

Thank you Ambra for all you do for the local Austin chapter. Your leadership definitely adds to our success!

Submitted by Tavonia Carr

Texas - Austin



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