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NETworker of the Month: January 2024

Jonathan Miller attended Celebration of the Arts DFW’s stable event in April 2023 and was connected to the chapter ever since.

He quickly joined The NETwork DFW chapter with a fresh perspective and an eagerness to lean in. Jonathan has not only found where we can add value but has become a trusted voice as the chapter is curating new programs to grow the chapter. It is not challenging to identify where to align him with the appropriate swim lanes based on his area of expertise. The initiatives that he has hit the ground running on has been kicking off our Black History Month series, being an anchor in

our Stories for Racial Healing and assisting with our fundraising programs COTA and Juneteenth Sneaker Ball. As we think about our roadmap, Jonathan will work closely with the current VP of Programs and VP of Development on the pipeline. He will be instrumental in ensuring we are driving modernization efforts to transform the chapter.

Jonathan does not hesitate to support or raise his hand to drive momentum in Program Planning arm of the NETwork DFW. We can depend on him to be a core of how we operationalize our plans which we are looking forward to doing with him. As

mentioned, he will help to drive the mission of the Networking and Community pillars where we conduct annual programs such as Celebration of the Arts, Juneteenth, and eSTEAM efforts. His love for identifying new opportunities to gain experience and tenacity are all essential traits to leverage as we are hyper focused on continued growth.

Jonathan currently serves on five of The NETwork DFW Committees.

The DFW chapter is honored to have the talent and commitment from Mr. Jonathan Miller. We are excited to see how he continues to grow professionally and personally.

CONGRATULATIONS Jonathan for this well deserved honor!

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