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NETworker of the Year: 2020

Rosena Charles

Rosena Charles was nominated for her active membership in The NETwork since joining and her consistent participation in meaningful events that promote change within her community. Rosena has been a great example and servant leader for our youth, helping to promote the advancement of Stem and Technology programs. She partners with programs such as Dibia Dream and The Junior Achievers of Florida to ensure that our future leaders are well equipped for the world ahead. Rosena is an advocate for the mission of not only The NETwork, but she is also an active member with other EG's, promoting partnership events with the local oxyGEN chapter.

The South Florida Chapter had several events each weekend in February and volunteers were needed for the partnership event with Dibia Dream. Rosena was contacted by Chapter President, Moya McFarland on a Friday night and asked if she was available. Showing utmost dedication, Rosena changed her work shift (her center is open 7 days per week) to ensure that a few volunteers were slated to work for this program. Moya shares, “We are truly grateful for all she does and know that she will keep up the amazing work, we are proud to have her as a member of South Florida Chapter of The NETwork!”

Thank you for sharing your gifts in such an impactful way.


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