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NETworker of the Year: 2019

Lucinda "Lucy" Smith was nominated by Moya McFarlane – South Florida Chapter President, for her dedicated service to the South Florida Chapter. She is recognized for working behind the scenes to help make projects successful and efficiently helping with the rebuilding of the chapter.

Among Lucy’s many contributions to the chapter, her most noted were:

• Heading an internal Career Fair in Miami

• Assisting with Meet and Greets

• Yearly community outreach donations of school supplies, food and toiletries

• The Angel Tree Project with Prison Fellowship Ministries

As NETworker of the Year, Lucy will receive:

• A NETwork Certificate

• A NETworker of the Year t-shirt

• Gift Bag with goodies and NETwork branded items

• PRIORITY REGISTRATION to the 2020 EG Conference in Dallas, TX

• Special Recognition at the Conference during NETwork Events and a special surprise!

We also want to share details of just one event to highlight this year’s winner. In December, Lucy showed her selflessness, community spirit and heart when her chapter President reached out to her on short notice to assist in a project. The chapter had decided to participate in an Angel Tree Project with Prison Fellowship Ministries. They had agreed to sponsor 150 children whose parents were incarcerated by purchasing clothing and gift items for the holiday. The children would be given their gifts at a party for them and their care givers on December 14. The chapter began this project on faith because there was no money left to fund it. Two weeks before the party there were still about 40 children who had no sponsors.

On Wednesday December 4th Moya sent an email to Lucy, explaining the situation and asking if she and her team would consider sponsoring a few of the children. Within a few hours of sending the email, she received a reply from Lucy stating that all the children would be sponsored by her and her team and that the gifts would be ready for pick up on Monday the 9th. When Moya went to pick up the gifts, not only did they have the gifts for all the children on the list, they also had tons of additional gifts. Thanks to Lucy and her team we were able to give over 170 children a wonderful Christmas.

Congratulations Lucy on this well deserved honor.


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