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NETworker of the Month: September 2022

Burks Titus

Burks Titus has hit the ground running since he has joined of The NETwork DFW chapter. His natural fervor for community service and giving backs to schools in the surrounding community is something we’ve been able to build on. Burks has a gift placing the necessary pieces together in order to make the biggest impact possible. Not only did Burks support The DFW chapter in our collaboration with HACEMOS, Women of AT&T, ICAE and LEAGUE for our Back-to-School drive for Connected Communities, he also led another Back-to-School Drive in conjunction with Achievers of Excellence. Members passed out backpacks, food, snow cones, and helped with set up and breakdown of the event. A total of 200 families were served during the entire event. His natural passion for the youth also led him to be a key participant in our 2022 eSTEAM Family Day where we focused on teaching children in Family Gateway (homeless shelter provider) how to make bath balms, lotion, and shower gel. Burks understands where to plug in from a community perspective to address gaps in our we engage our educational partners in the community. He, like others before him, did not hesitate to join the Program Planning subcommittee as a fresh set of eyes with new perspective.

The NETwork DFW operates off 4 district pillars: Education, Networking, Community and Volunteerism. Burks naturally fit into the Community pillars where we conduct additional programs such as Celebration of the Arts, eSTEAM, Juneteenth, etc. We are excited that he is helping The NETwork DFW with our upcoming launch of our very FIRST Minority Case Competition. His love for bridging the gap in the community will help us to continue to grow as a chapter.

The DFW chapter is honored to have the talent and commitment from Mr. Burks Titus. He has been extremely valuable to our chapter and cannot wait to see how he continues to drive momentum.



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