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NETworker of the Month: September 2021

Therann Schwartz is one of our super contributors and has proven to be an incredible asset for The NETwork-Metro Atlanta Chapter and totally understands what it takes to be a transformative organization. Mr. Schwartz is a member who fully embodies our mission and always acts with four (4) pillars in mind. In example, Therann, who is a 2021 Atlanta Executive Fellow, was instrumental in connecting our Chapter with a police chief, AT&T Executive Officers, and materializing collaborations with other AT&T EG leaders to discuss social and civic topics like police and civilian relations, this year. Therann works closely within our Membership Committee. However, he’s extended his talents to community outreach by being our event logistics lead for our Summer STEM Workshop for the Motherless Daughter’s Foundation, among our many Chapter endeavors this year. Therann’s energy and dedication to The NETwork is immeasurable. The Atlanta Chapter President is beyond excited to see what’s to come! We are very proud to have him as an Atlanta member and we look forward to his future contributions.

In addition to all the wonderful activities listed above, Therann was lead event manager for our 6-panel, Fireside Chat about "American Skin". Therann was very instrumental in connecting The NETwork Metro Atlanta with Cincinnati Chief of Police, AT&T Executive Officers and other The NETwork EG Chapter Presidents and EG leaders.


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