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NETworker of the Month: October 2021

Michell Jackson's contribution to the Atlanta Chapter is magnanimous. Mrs. Jackson is a member who fully embodies our mission and is an incredible asset for our community relations and outreach endeavors. Not only is she a super volunteer, but Michell also served as Chapter Board member, focusing on community relations and the Atlanta Chapter. We have been very blessed to have her lead community outreach products every year! This year, Michell contributed her time as the event lead and project manager for the Chapter's Summer STEM Workshop for The Motherless Daughter's Foundation. As event lead, she was able to connect the Atlanta Chapter as partners with the Foundation, Advocate for Women in Tech, an AT&T EN and other extraordinary The NETwork members from multiple Chapters.

The Atlanta Chapter President and this year’s Chapter leaders are very grateful for Michell and proud of her contributions. The NETwork-Metro Atlanta Chapter is fortunate to have her apart of the ATL family!


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