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NETworker of the Month: November 2022

Rico Griffin, a valued member of The NETwork’s Virtual Mississippi chapter shows consistent support and leadership by demonstrating our organizational values. Mr. Griffin has faithfully shown up to and participated in every scheduled event. Mr. Griffin shows up eager to help and displays that he is passionate about every cause. As a dedicated member and community volunteer, Rico assisted with the loading and unloading of over 2,000 bottles of water for Jackson, MS residents, attended all scheduled meet and greets and engaged in discussions around how to build our chapter and gain more member participation.

Outside of his role at AT&T, Rico is a Track and Field Coach and Personal Trainer who specializes in private speed, strengthening and conditioning. His motto, “YOU are your ONLY limit!” Coach Griffin shared his skills with The NETwork earlier this year by hosting the Get Fit Fridays for Black History Month (BHM). Rico also hosted a Get Fit session for the MS chapter as well as several weekly Get Fit sessions for his Office of the President peers.

The Virtual Mississippi Chapter President and this year’s Chapter leaders are very grateful for Rico and proud of his contributions. The NETwork Virtual Mississippi is fortunate to have him as a part of their family!



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