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NETworker of the Month: November 2020

In his role as Area Manager in External Affairs, Amir Johnson has built a culture of resilience through collaboration with the NETwork Los Angeles. Viewed as integral community partner and thought leader, Amir has promoted our company's diversity agenda before key audiences within the wider Los Angeles region. Amir has even conducted community assessments to determine which organizations would best benefit from our corporate partnership in Diversity and Inclusion.

Further, he has amplified the company’s “Believe Los Angeles” initiatives through engagement with the NETwork - supporting business challenges and helping to ensure success for the Believe program. Amir has also partnered with the NETwork Los Angeles to support AT&T Believes at Home and School on Wheels. Amir has never wavered in his efforts to enhance educational opportunities for children who are experiencing homelessness. He has also provided consistent support for Los Angeles students during a time of great stress and fear. Amir has even partnered with Los Angeles Chapter assembling STEM kits to help to be delivered to Los Angeles students.

Amir is being recognized for his tireless efforts in support of the NETwork, the community and the students of Los Angeles. Thanks Amir, for your generous service and shining example of leadership. Congratulations on this well earned honor!


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