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NETworker of the Month: May 2022

Courtney Hart has been a dedicated member of The NETwork’s Indiana chapter for years. Starting back before rebranding from Community Network to The NETwork BICP and before our chapter was dissolved and later reestablished as a Virtual Chapter, Courtney has been one constant the Indiana leadership can always count on to volunteer, lend a helping hand, or uplift those around him. He enjoys mentoring and coaching high school students and serves as an advocate for our youth. Courtney also volunteers at Gleaner’s Food Bank sorting food amongst other efforts that support his community outside of AT&T.

When the NETwork, Virtual Indiana was re-instated, November 2019, Courtney immediately offered assistance to the board. During our Black History Month Program, he was front and center showing support. Since the pandemic, Courtney has supported all of our virtual Lunch Time Lessons where we can always count on him to engage conversation on the topics we discuss and drops bits of knowledge that encourage our members. Chapter President Angela Foster noted “Courtney does not know this, but he is one of the reasons I keep my head up during this challenging time because he shows up and supports, and if we have only one member show up, it is worth all the challenges we are facing in trying to maintain membership.”

Above all the volunteering, Courtney is a God Fearing family man and he displays it daily. His favorite quote is Galatians 6:9 (King James Version) “And let us not be weary in well doing; for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Courtney’s contribution to The NETwork is superlative and should be highlighted. The Virtual Indiana Chapter is proud to have Courtney as a member."



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