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NETworker of the Month: March 2021

McKenzie Neely-Wright is being recognized for her substantial contributions toward Diversity & Inclusion and for her savvy problem solving. The NETwork Los Angeles Chapter President, Omani Gilliam was just “blown away by her contributions” and felt this to be a fitting expression of his gratitude for her work with the Chapter . She is a shining example as a change agent and visionary leader in Diversity & Inclusion.  She is a humble, team player who makes a huge difference with her contributions without ever requiring accolades.

From the time she became a member of the NETwork, she has created projects and initiatives to evolve the employee culture to better serve AT&T customers and deliver in multiple Employee Groups. McKenzie generates compelling content for culture and diversity initiatives using various channels to reach employees. She has collaborated with the Culture Evolution project managers on programs to promote CA&S culture and diversity initiatives while tracking and assessing the participation and effectiveness of those programs and communications. Her efforts at strengthening our culture are not unnoticed. McKenzie embodies the company’s spirit and core values in everything she does and she inspires us all to do the same!

McKenzie currently mentors HBCU students- helping them with new websites, apps, technology, and start-up ideas.  In this mentorship role, she works to help students develop strategy for competitive and financial analysis, market share and placement, and potential barriers to entry. She also helps by reviewing the students’ pitch decks for consistency and areas for improvement. The work that she does is valued and very much appreciated by all.  Congratulations McKenzie, for this well-deserved honor!


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