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NETworker of the Month: March 2020

James Predelus, a member of The NETwork'sCalifornia - Los Angeles Chapter, is known for his contagious smile and being a proactive leader who understands the essence and power of volunteering time towards the advancement for people of color. James is a class act. He is a respected professional who promotes cultural identification as well as skills development to assist minorities in becoming successful within AT&T and and beyond.

James volunteered for the Martin Luther King Fest by assisting chapter members in multiple events, attending all volunteer events, helping coordinate meet & greets, and fundraising. He was instrumental in helping his chapter support the efforts of non-profits dedicated to helping African-American single parents and youth.

James consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic through assisting the internal affairs division of the Los Angeles Chapter. He works diligently on self-development, job enrichment, and managerial achievement in the best interest of the chapter.

Please help us congratulate James on winning The NETworker Award for March! CONGRATS James!


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