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NETworker of the Month: June 2022

RaShana Hodge has been an instrumental member of The NETwork DFW chapter since she has moved to Dallas and joined The NETwork DFW in February. As soon as Ms. Hodge came to this chapter, she naturally navigated towards our Education pillar due to her background and expertise in Business and Finance. She was instrumental in helping to facilitate our 2022 Celebration of the Arts Scholarship process from start to finish. This year we had close to 10 applicants in our final selection with the ability to select four. RaShana helped us to think through the metrics necessary to ensure that we selected the best candidates to represent our chapter. She also sat on the 2022 Juneteenth Charity Sneaker Ball committee where The NETwork DFW chapter hosted this ball for the first time.

RaShana has been front and center with our Education pillar which creates an opportunity to help our members from professional growth & development. Her love for paving the way for future generations has positioned her to be the puzzle piece in our Financial Literacy, eSTEAM, and Minority Case Competition (will launch in September) RaShana is one of the keys to help ensure that these events continue the legacy and success it has over the past few years.

Even though RaShana has only been with the TX-DFW chapter for a few short months, she has actively helped the chapter with the following opportunities: eSTEAM with Family Gateway, Juneteenth Scholarship and Community Celebration, Financial Literacy Series, Fireside Chat, NETtalk series The DFW chapter is honored to have the talent and commitment from Ms. RaShana Hodge. She truly is a backbone to the Program Planning and Development team and is leadership ready.



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