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NETworker of the Month: June 2020

Che Johnson was nominated for his exceptional commitment to the Los Angeles California Chapter of the NETwork, evidenced by his attendance to 90% of all yearly volunteer events, including meet and greets. Additionally, he assisted with organization of the first watch sports fundraising event of the year benefitting single black mothers. Che is consistently proactive in working to expand programs that provide educational opportunities for high school children and the community of Los Angeles. Che has been an anchor for scholarship development to assist needy and economically challenged high school students, serving as co-chair of the Los Angeles Scholarship committee.

Finally, to highlight what the Los Angeles Chapter feels has been one of his most important and unique contributions, Che influenced his local NETwork board to join AT&T’s "Move Along Together" program through the Castlight app. This app is designed to be a group activity in an effort to stay active. By tracking your steps with your group you can hold yourself accountable as well as remain active in these unprecedented times. Participants receive incentive points and gift cards once challenges are met.

Los Angeles NETwork Chapter President, Omani Gilliam adds, “Our board has enjoyed staying active in quarantine with this app, while we increase our mental exercise to perform the best we can day-to-day."


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