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NETworker of the Month: July 2021

LaToya Henry has been an instrumental member of The NETwork DFW chapter since 2017 and continues to help The NETwork DFW evolve. She has spearheaded a lot of the new initiatives including being our lead Moderator for our new NETalk series which will feature leaders across the business sharing insights on topics such as transitioning back to the new norm, effective networking and creating value for the business. Her 1st session was covering the Remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr. and Unpacking of Kamala Harris as the 1st Woman Vice President and the 1st African American Vice President.

She has worked on the development and the execution of our two-part Juneteenth: 1) Juneteenth Awards Luncheon and 2) Juneteenth Community celebration that had the presence of executive leadership and the awarding of $6,000 to (3) deserving students. She demonstrates a strong work ethic to see things through from beginning to end and helps expand our footprint in the community. From leading efforts to continue community service with NETwork Vibes partnership with Minnie’s Food Pantry to helping with our Fireside Chat series, she has established herself as the person you must have on the team. LaToya has been front and center with our Networking pillar which creates an opportunity to help our members gain the necessary tools for personal and professional growth & development.

LaToya is working very closely with our Chief Communications Officer to help us with our marketing and communications goals which is essential for success. The DFW chapter is honored to have the talent and commitment from Ms. LaToya Henry. She truly is one of the anchors to the Program Planning and the Communications team that we are thankful for.

Looking at the following list of volunteer efforts LaToya is a part of, we can see why she was featured on AT&T's page for National Volunteer Month: Quarantine Vibes, NETwork Vibes, Minnie’s Food Pantry, Juneteenth Scholarship and Community Celebration, Financial Literacy Series, Fireside Chat, NETtalk series. We would like to thank and celebrate LaToya Henry for embodying the spirit of service, mentorship, and leadership as The NETworker of the Month! Congratulations LaToya, for this well-deserved honor!


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