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NETworker of the Month: January 2021

Nickie Lane is being recognized for her consistent participation – having participated in over 80% of all NETwork Los Angeles Chapter virtual events in 2020. Here are just a few acts of service that Chapter President, Omani Gilliam felt were noteworthy:

• assisting with fundraising efforts for chapter youth programs

• participation in the “Leading Through Crisis” training during the Human Resources Virtual Conference

• working on several Believes Community Engagement projects

The Believes events that are of particular interest to Nickie are those centered on advancing the educational opportunities in STEM for youth and expanding knowledge to end social injustices.

Nickie has served and led with humility, bringing a wealth of good ideas to the forefront for the Los Angeles NETwork members. One of the things that the chapter appreciates most about Nickie is her caring and dependable nature. Nickie has also worked with AT&T External Affairs, tackling challenging matters and providing solutions in her account management division. Nickie has been recently appointed to lead the Los Angeles chapter’s Adhoc Talent Development committee as chair for 2021. Congrats on your new leadership role, Nickie and thanks for all that you do for both the NETwork and your community!


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