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NETworker of the Month: February 2020

Bennie Phillips was nominated for the February NETworker of the month award by Christopher Perry for his planning, partnership and strong contributions since joining the DFW NETwork planning committee. One of Bennie’s notable accomplishments was breathing life back into a weekly happy hour event for the DFW Chapter of the NETwork.

Happy Hour was created to bring together young black professionals at AT&T. As participation began to dwindle, Bennie took it upon himself to foster the growth of the event, including more and more black professionals in Dallas and strengthening the NETwork’s ties to the community. But he didn’t stop there…he began partnering with other ERGs, connecting on a broader level with other communities and creating even more opportunities for others to be engaged.

THANKS Bennie for continuing to strengthen our community by strengthening our fellowship. Congratulations and we appreciate you!


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