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NETworker of the Month: December 2021

Nicole Slay Caldwell was selected for this month's NETworker Award because she works in pursuit of The NETwork's mission by embodying our transformative pillars. Nicole, a member of the Georgia, Metro Atlanta Chapter, not only supports our local chapter, but she also offers support to National initiatives and programs. Nicole is a leader in an AT&T EN, Advocates for Women in Tech (AWT) as the Atlanta Chapter President. The NETwork - Metro Atlanta Chapter collaborated with Nicole's team in hosting youth in design thinking during our 2021 Motherless Daughters Foundation STEAM Summer Workshop. Nicole's team did a little more by teaching the youth. Without her contribution, half of our events would not have been a success.

Nicole's contribution to The NETwork is superlative and should be highlighted. The Metro Atlanta Chapter is proud to have Nicole as a member.


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