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NETworker of the Month: August 2020

Derneeka Childers has taken on her role as External Affairs Chair with optimism and determination. Each month, Derneeka has presented worthy public organizations in the African-American community to the executive board for partnership and to contribute to the revitalization of the chapter. She has worked countless hours researching youth programs, self-development programs, education opportunities, health awareness, house and economics to stimulate the mission of the NETwork Los Angeles chapter. A prime example of her passion for helping students was her reaching out to Common Black College Application which allows college transfer students to submit a single application to all participating HBCU's.

Derneeka has also helped with an abundance of strategic planning for events. She assisted and attended the chapter’s Emotional Intelligence Speaker Event and has partnered with Titus, non-profit with officers to boost eSTEAM opportunities and advocating mentorship in the youth. She has also worked intensely with our public information chair to create engagement activities that are fun and uplifting. Derneeka shares a passion for activating the potential of all her peers. Well done Derneeka! Your efforts are appreciated and recognized.


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