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Black History Month - Mindful Mondays

Updated: May 9

Session 1 -2/6/2023

Session 2 -2/13/2023

Session 3 -2/27/2023

Mindful Mondays

Let’s spend 30 minutes together every Monday in the month of February to B.R.E.A.T.H.E.

Break habits that don’t serve us

Remember things we are grateful for

Ease our bodies

Allow ourselves to slow down

Take a moment to relax

Hush the negative voices

Ease our minds

We all know, corporate life can be hectic as it is filled with unforeseen commitments and deadlines. In this hustle, you often become disconnected from your inner self. Not knowing how essential it is to reconnect with oneself and stay connected to ensure your success within AT&T and your overall well-being.

Our health is our number one priority!


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