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NETworker of the Month: January 2023

Updated: Mar 7

Vynessah Dasher came to The NETwork DFW chapter eager to not only plug in with an EG that she connected with, but she was also eager to work. Her fresh perspective, love for people and ability to see the gaps allowed us to leverage that to continue to refine our chapter. Vynessah’s passions naturally allowed us to align her with upcoming new initiatives that will address opportunities we found during our yearly SWOT analysis. The initiatives that she will help co-lead will be the 2nd EG Pre-Conference Meet & Greet, work closely with the VP of Membership to help launch The Neo NETwork Experience and other staple networking and community-based initiatives. As we are ensuring that we reach all generations especially Gen Z, Vynessah will be instrumental in ensuring we are as grassroots as possible in connecting.

The NETwork DFW operates off four district pillars: Education, Networking, Community and Volunteerism. Vynessah does not hesitate to support or raise her hand to drive momentum in Program Planning. As mentioned, she will help to drive the mission of the Networking and Community pillars where we conduct annual programs such as Get to the Polls, eSTEAM, etc. Her love for connecting people and helping them evolve personally and professionally is an essential trait to us as we are hyper-focused on continued growth.

The DFW chapter is honored to have the talent and commitment from Ms. Vynessah Dasher. We are excited to see how she continues to grow professionally and personally.



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